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26th of May 2024
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A record 5,500 plus accountancy graduates will be recruited by the big 4 accountancy firms this year KPMG has confirmed that it is hiring around 1,000 graduates, a 30% increase on 2013. the firm is also hiring around 150 school leavers. Deloitte recruited some 1,658 students into entry level jobs in 2013, and it confirmed it is expecting to sign up similar number of graduates this year. Meanwhile , PWC a record 1,532 graduates and 143 school leaver. this is up from 1,220 recruits in 2013. EY was planning to recruit thousands more people to deal with the growing demand for business advice. Of the 3,700 new recruits, some 1,350 were trainees last month it added 500 jobs in belfast alone.