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28th of June 2022
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“Thanks to National Lottery players, our new funding from the National Lottery Community Fund will enable us to support our Croydon residents through our project. We aim to help people cope with stress and improve resilience to make beneficiaries feel mentally healthier, increase confidence, and feel embedded into a stronger community. As well as gaining skills relevant for work and within their chosen career, while supporting local economic growth by forging stronger links between residents, skills providers and employers, thereby helping to reduce inequality.”

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We are running a series of workshops and courses and are confident you will benefit from this programme. 

Our specialist Essential Life Skills combines wellbeing, budgeting, numeracy, employability and soft skills such as confidence and teamwork. 

Kayden attended our Developing Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing training.

See how the National Lottery Community Fund supports young entrepreneur Kayden Faria in fulfilling his goals!

Download here for our Ways To Make Money As A Teenager GUIDE!

You can undertake the AAT qualifications, which have proven helpful for individuals who want to secure employment or work from home doing accounts for other individuals/businesses; working from home provides flexibility for mothers/carers or those with additional commitments. 

It is not just banks and accountancy firms that need people with financial skills; all businesses have an accounting or finance function, as running any business requires some level of financial knowledge.  

With finance knowledge, there are transferable skills that can complement a variety of jobs, including business personnel, retail, customer service, self-employed professions, and many more, as many occupations need knowledge on how to manage money.  

Our overall aims include:

Assist in reducing some wellbeing issues caused by stress-related illnesses, i.e. depression and low self-esteem.

Change attitudes towards financial views within society and assist individuals in staying in employment.

Empower individuals and local communities by enabling them with the skills and knowledge to assist them in resolving financial challenges.

Young People on the road to success!