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26th of May 2024
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All Inclusive Training has helped hundreds of students fulfil their career goals and helped them on their path to career success. Here are a sample of good feedback that we have received from students and other members of the community:

Stella_Peterson_TestimonialMelrose _Strachan_Testimonial

More Student Testimonials

“I really enjoyed enrolling on this course as I felt it was something I needed to do and am so glad that I did. I felt after a career break on raising my children I wanted to see if I still had the knowledge and the experience to take this course on and by doing this it should me I had. At first I felt really shy and at first didn’t think I would settle in but I did settle in really well and it helped meeting new people to so at the end it showed me I could still work in that field of work, so overall am happy that I had the opportunity to find that out which I wouldn’t of been able to without this course so thank you for having me on this course.” 

Joanne Bee – Sage student


“Being an apprentice whilst learning enabled me to appreciate  and apply what I learnt into practice.” 

James Smith – Level 2 student



“I am writing this to thank you as much as possible, from the depths of my heart, for all your support towards me. It will be memories for the rest of my life, because you have helped me when I was in a dark part of my life. Right now I am starting the second year of University in Milan. Studying in London, with All Inclusive Training, has been a stepping stone and part of such a positive social environment, opening my eyes to future desires. I also want to thank all the staff. ” 

Ali Syed – Past Student


“I found the course very helpful in order to understand the Sage Computerized accounting. Is was a practical course and the handbook and the tasks were very clearly mentioned. You get your own PC to work on and the tutors are very helpful. At All Inclusive you get more than just an Accounting course.”

Chulan – Sage Accounting



“I completed AAT level 1 and from that I went on to do a traineeship with lots of help from my tutor Dawn and found it interesting I had lots of support after class support made me think about doing accounting for my future and there was no rush to do a exams it’s when you are ready can do mock exams and get support in doing that”

 Fabian McEwen – Level 1 student


“I would strongly recommend All Inclusive’s advice and the services they offer to anyone facing repayment difficulties or repossession. There is also an ‘after care’ service where the payment arrangement you have agreed is monitored to ensure it is being adhered to so as to avoid further difficulties! I am glad to say that they are only ever a phone call away! Thank you for helping me to save my home!”

Jade – past student


“I take this opportunity to thank ‘All Inclusive’ for their help in mediating with my bank to help overcome my debts problems. I was very impressed with your delivery as it was very professional, confidential and friendly which put me at ease. Your outstanding services were very much appreciated and I have recommended you to others.”

Dorothy – past student


 “I have now successfully completed my Level 2 certificate in Accounting. I would like to add that during the past 9 months of studying the course, I have had a great deal of help and support from both my tutors and also ‘All Inclusive’ who have supported me every step of the way. The structure of the course is very flexible and this has suited me as I also work full time so it’s not always easy to sit exams on the designated days but All Inclusive have the option of ‘weekend exams’ which makes it so much more easier.

Faisal Mahmood – past student


“This is knowledge for life, now I can see a way out of my debt problems.”

Janet- past student



“If I knew more about stocks and shares, I wouldn’t have taken an endowment to repay my mortgage.”

Tony – past student


Course and workshop feedback



“A very good session on budgeting, savings and pensions.”

“From this course I learnt about accounting – customers, suppliers, how to calculate gross and net profit. All the people at All Inclusive encouraged me so I knew I could do it, pushing me to help me feel sure in myself, and I passed!”

“It was good to work at a speed that suited me, and then passing and gaining the qualification”

“I found the course useful as it gave me new skills in accounting, allowing me to work at my own pace. I have found that even at this age I can still learn and pass exams!”

“The content was very relevant particularly in light of the economic climate.”

“The encouragement of active participation was very good and the approachability of the tutors was excellent.”
“Both tutors were good at delivering fairly ‘dry’ subjects.”

“The content and pace of the workshop was EXCELLENT. There was plenty of time for digestion of the content and for taking notes.”

“Good introduction to the tax process. The workshop gave good basic knowledge and enabled me to complete the form. A professional, fun presentation.”

“The workshop was pitched at the right level. People were not afraid to ask questions.”

“The employability training was really useful. I now feel confident to say I know about book-keeping and accountancy and really think it will help looking for work in future”

“The teaching is fantastic; relaxed and well informed, you really feel comfortable to ask questions and learn at your own pace.”

“I found the course extremely interesting, which for me was a surprise as it was not originally a key interest of mine. However it was made to be interesting by the involvement I had in the course and the teaching techniques of our lecturer.”


Partner and Stakeholder Testimonials


“How inspiring it was to see so many achievers in Croydon. Well done Julie to both yourself and your team. The Mayor of Croydon wishes you every success in the future.  She expects to hear of many more of your successes!”

Mayor Of Croydon



“The pleasure was all mine, it was an uplifting afternoon with so many gifted graduates who clearly will have a great future. You and your team, should be proud of the achievements your students have made and indeed under such positive leadership from you – how could they fail.”

Toni Letts – Croydon Council



“Having worked for All Inclusive for over two months I have gained a great deal of practical knowledge and experience that will benefit me in any future job, and my career as a whole.  I found the employability training particularly helpful in providing me with a wide range of knowledge in accounting and finance that will help me when I attend university to study Business Management in September.”

Samir – Future Jobs Fund



 “Since I have been working for All Inclusive, I have been empowered with accounting and finance knowledge from the book keeping levels One and Two course. I have since then been able to carry out the daily accounting and office duties with more confidence.They have also designed practical experience in IT development to help strengthen my skills. All this has been very helpful to me because I have a degree in business computing and getting an internship that has been able to develop me on both respective disciplines is only developing is shaping me to be a great prospective employee to any organisation that I will apply for future employment. In the future I am looking for employment to pursue a career in accounting with already being handed diversified base from working with All Inclusive(areas events, grant applications, office administration , accounting duties,attendant professional networking sessions). 

Adrian – Future Jobs Fund



“I have been working at All Inclusive since 26th April 2010 and I have found it a very interesting environment to work in. I have gained many skills that I will take with me in future employment. I have also had the opportunity to go to many different events through the company and undertaken courses which have improved my CV. Also being an Events Administrator for All Inclusive has been a good experience for me as events is my chosen career path, and I hope to further my education by going to University to study Events Management, with the help of All Inclusive I am now certain this is the path I want to go down.”

Charlotte – Future Jobs Fund





Volunteer Testimonials



“I enjoy being a volunteer at All Inclusive, as my confidence has greatly improved. Together with the friendly staff the office training and experience has prepared me for future employment.

I now have found employment working at St.Helier Hospital. So I would like to thank Julie and the staff at All Inclusive for their help, support and advice during my jobsearch.

I have been working at All Inclusive for 8 weeks now and very much enjoy the work environment. The staff are very helpful and supportive and I have felt very welcomed into the company. Julie’s philanthropy has energised me into wanting to help more, the people of the Croydon Community.

I would strongly recommend both the company for volunteering as well as the services the company provides.”

Stuart Gearty – FJF employee