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18th of June 2024
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Why hire an Apprentice?

Accounting apprenticeships are formal, nationally recognised training programmes for ambitious individuals. Apprentices have the opportunity to achieve a qualification while developing hands-on skills and experience in your finance team. They are typically motivated and committed individuals who will be a real asset to your business.

Employer responsibilities

You won’t be bombarded with forms and paperwork. We will do most of the administration for you, including a health and safety check. Before your apprentice starts work, you will need to set up an Apprenticeship Agreement. In this, you’ll commit to supporting their study time out of the office (usually one day a week), and provide a mentor for them at work. Apprentices must work for at least 30 hours a week.

Apprentices earn the national minimum wage, although many employers pay more than this. The average wage is £170 per week. In some roles the wage may increase as the apprentice progresses and takes on more responsibility. They will also get the same benefits as an employee, including a holiday allowance.

Your apprentice will be given targets to achieve. Regular quarterly review meetings with the apprentice, line manager and training provider, ensure that the tasks the apprentice is doing at work complement their training. These meetings will be held in the workplace, to minimise interruption to your business.

Funding is available for both new and existing employees depending on the apprentice’s age and experience. You can access full funding for all 16-18 year-olds, so you only need to pay their salary. You may be eligible for funding for apprentices aged 19 years and over. Funding incentives vary between regions, so contact your regional agency for more information.

You’ll also work closely with us as a training provider to determine your requirements. We’ll help you to develop and implement a programme that suits you and your business. This will include agreeing on a training plan, assessment methods and managing and evaluating your apprentices. They may even help you with recruitment.

In England, a formal assessment is required before the apprentice is deemed to have completed their accounting apprenticeship. AAT will act as the Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO) to oversee the management and assessment of these End Point Assessments. We are an AAT-approved training provider and assessment centre and are happy to advise employers and aid them in meeting their business requirements.

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