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18th of June 2024
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Money Made Wise – Financial Capability Workshops 

We run various workshops on financial capability to suit a range of learners. We mainly provide training to business organisations and community members, but have also diversified to include schools. We provide fun, informative, practical workshops using games, case studies and hands-on activities. In these workshops, people enhance their communication and group working skills, whilst improving their knowledge on financial capability.


In these sessions individuals learn to:

      • Create and adjust their own personal survival and lifestyle budgets
        • Judge the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of generating income
          • Identify ways of generating income and earning money
            • Understand that money is an efficient means of exchange in a complex society
              • Know what financial goods to expect from a bank
                • Reduce the chances of getting into debt
                  • Better control their spending habits

From a previous ‘Money Made Wise’ community workshop we conducted, we were surprised to find that 90% of attendants felt alone when sorting out money problems. Here are the summarised results of the questionnaire:


Questions ‘Yes’ response
Are you in debt? 70%
Have you got a credit card? 60%
Do you have a savings account? 60%
Do you save regularly? 30%
Would you like advice on managing your debt problems? 80%
Would you like advice on saving on your bills? 100%
Do you feel alone in sorting out your money problems? 90%



Feedback from the workshop –


“It was good having a background to company and business finances. I now appreciate pound for pound, how much it costs to borrow money. It was also informative learning about how adverse credit companies triggered the crunch.”


“Everything was well presented and informative”


“Learning about self-assessment, credit scoring and PAYE was very useful”


“This workshop gave me increased knowledge of money matters”


“I found the talk regarding credit was good”


“It was good finding out about self-assessment and improving credit scoring”