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18th of October 2018
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We have partnered with a number of organisations to offer a range of events and activities to promote financial capability.


Pamper Pig

We teamed up with Pamper Pig and went to Winterbourne Junior Schools to teach them about costing and budgeting. The groups created face-masks, then promoted their products to an audience before selling them.






“All Inclusive Training worked with us on Pamper Indulge and Give’s Creating Happy People funded by the Big Lottery Fund.  We would like to say how grateful and amazed we were with the programme that they taught our young people about budgeting, finance and selling. It was an added bonus to the project and the young people learnt so much and we will be using them again in the future.  Thanks again for a wonderful opportunity.” – Charlene Charles (Director of Pamper Indulge and Give Ltd) 


Resilient Healthy Lives

We promoted activities at The Foyer in Croydon, to tie in with the theme of healthy eating. There were competitions to see who could create a healthy eating shopping list within a £20 budget. The winner got a shopping voucher to buy their own healthy food. Congratulations to our winner below!

Healthy Eating WinnerHealthy_Food_Desk